Hibiscus Shopping Tote Bag YB

Color:  Yellow/Black

Measurements: Approximately 20″W x 5″D x 20″H without handles, 32″H with handles

This is a fresh new HUGE hibiscus pattern purse that has been hand quilted and appliquéd entirely by hand. On the inside, there is a zipped closure with two open pockets and one zippered closure pocket for telephones, cash, and other small items. Hibiscus flowers are appliqued on both sides.
Ideal for use as a handbag or shopping/tote bag while traveling. This bag is made of high-quality materials and 100% cotton. This was the most durable and textured combination. We personally cleaned our quilts three times to maintain material integrity. We use the well-known Hawaiian quilting stitch/appliqué approach. It makes a wonderful Christmas and birthday present.


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