Hibiscus Table Bed Runner BGYERE

Color: bottle green/red-yellow on off white

Measurements: Approximately 70″ x 20″

We employ the world-renowned Hawaiian style quilting stitch/appliquéd method. This table runner is made up of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. This combination proved to be the most durable and textural. To ensure the material integrity of our quilts, we hand washed them three times.
This is a brand new table runner that has been 100% HAND QUILTED and HAND APPLIQUED. It can be hung on a wall, used as a bed runner, or placed on a counter. Bring some Hawaiian style to your home or office. Our quilts make an excellent conversation piece/centerpiece for any home, as well as a wonderful gift for any special occasion! It also looks great when framed.


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