About Us

Specializing in traditional and contemporary Hawaiian quilts and accessories for over 25 years.

Hawaiian Quilt Wholesale is a family owned business located in Aiea, Hawaii.

Our company specializes in the manufacturing of one-of-a-kind and authentic Hawaiian quilts that are entirely hand stitched and appliqued. We have been manufacturing Hawaiian quilts for more than 25 years, and our company specializes in both traditional and contemporary styles of quilting in the Hawaiian style.
We take great pleasure in talking about Hawaiian quilts, and we are more than pleased to respond to any questions you might have. In addition, we GUARANTEE that we have the largest assortment, finest quality, and most affordable rates on Hawaiian Quilts of any retailer shop! We ask that you explore about our website and take pleasure in the Hawaiian quilts and crafts that we provide.

Aloha & Mahalo,
Hawaiian Quilt Wholesale, LLC

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us through email with any concerns or comments. We really appreciate your opinion and eagerly anticipate receiving your remarks. In addition, contact can be established by telephone at the following number: 808-487-7885.

Each of our quilts is an individual work of art, manufactured by skilled master quilters to the highest quality standards.

Our Quilts

We are exceptionally proud of the quality of our quilts. 100% hand quilted and hand appliqued our exquisite quilts are designed in Hawaii and made in our factory in the Philippines.

Some of our Master quilters have been creating their works for more than fifty years.  Each of our Hawaiian quilt bedspreads takes several months to complete.

We have upgraded our Quilts using 60% cotton & 40% polyester blend using superior materials for our bedspreads, comforters, wall hangings and pillow covers. We have found this combination to be the best for durability and texture.  We hand wash our quilts three times and we personally inspect each quilt before delivery to ensure material integrity.

These quilts are genuine Hawaiian quilts! They are sewn in the world-famous traditional Hawaiian style quilting stitch/appliqued method.

Why Choose Hawaiian Quilt Wholesale?

Customer Service

We strive to offer outstanding customer service in all situations. Response to email inquires are always made within one business day.

Large Selection

We stock the largest online selection of Hawaiian Quilts, crafts, and accessories, in stock for quick delivery at the guaranteed lowest prices.

Quick Turn Around

We process and confirm all orders within one business day of receipt. All merchandise delivered in professional packaging as fast as possible.

Guaranteed In Stock

The displayed product on our webs it is the product we ship; at the price displayed without any substitutions of products — EVER.