Breadfruit Tree Skirt BGRE60

DESIGN:  Breadfruit (traditional design)

Colors: bottle green on red  background

Measurements: ¬†Approximately 60″ diameter

We employ the world-renowned, traditional Hawaiian quilting stitch and applique technique. This tree skirt is composed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. We discovered that this combination provided the greatest durability and texture. Our quilts were washed by hand three times to assure material integrity.
This brand-new Christmas tree skirt is 100% HAND QUILTED and HAND APPLIQUED. It has bow-tie strings for easy closure and appears fantastic under the Christmas tree. Bring Aloha to your home or office by decorating with Hawaiian elements. Our quilts are fantastic conversation starters/centerpieces for any home and also make excellent presents for any special occasion.


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