Hibiscus Tree Skirt BGM45

COLOR: bottle green/red flowers on off white background
MEASUREMENTS: Approximately 45″ diameter

Machine washable with cold water, mild soap, delicate cycle. Line DRY only.

We utilize the world-famous, traditional Hawaiian quilting stitch and appliqué method. The composition of this tree skirt is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This combination was found to provide the greatest durability and texture. Our quilts were hand-washed thrice to ensure their material integrity.This new Christmas tree skirt is completely HAND QUILTED and HAND APPLIQUED. It has bow-tie threads for simple closure and looks incredible under the Christmas tree. Decorate your home or office with Hawaiian elements to bring the spirit of aloha into your space. Our quilts are wonderful conversation starters/centerpieces for any residence, as well as wonderful gifts for any special occasion.


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